Welcome & "Servus Dahoam"

Fischbachau, with a population of 6000 people, is nestled in the wide valley of the river Leitzach, amidst gorgeous nature, framed by magnificent mountains, and is located at a healthy altitude of 750-850 metres. The municipality of Fischbachau is comprised of Birkenstein, Hammer-Aurach, Elbach, Hundham and Wörnsmühl, leading you into a particularly beautiful part of Bavaria. Recreation, relaxation and nature are our top priority, allowing us to provide you with an unforgettable holiday.

Whether it is summer or winter, our hosts will give you a warm welcome and invite you to get away from your everyday stress. In Fischbachau you can choose from a wide range of accommodation, including farmhouses, guest houses, bed and breakfast, apartments, inns and hotels.

Whether you are looking for a hearty meal, Bavarian specialities or haute cuisine, we can cater to every palate! Many restaurants offer great tasting food made from top quality locally grown products. Come and indulge your culinary senses!

Fischbachau is an authentic, charming part of Upper Bavaria, and is located in the romantic Leitzachtal, the valley of the river Leitzach. If you are looking for traditional Bavarian life with a monastic history you are in the right place. Of course, the village of Fischbachau provides everything tourists may need, so you can experience culture, countryside and tradition.

Art, culture and tradition

Fischbachau offers art for every taste. Visit the St. Martin Minster in Fischbachau, the best-preserved Romanesque basilica of southern Bavaria with baroque stucco linked to the famous Wessobrunn Abbey School for craftsmen. A highlight of the rococo period is the pilgrimage chapel in Birkenstein. You will almost be blinded by the splendour of the golden decorated interior of the Lady chapel.
The baroque parish church St. Andreas in Elbach with its towering bulbous spire (Zwiebelturm) is a must see! On many farmhouses in the municipality of Fischbachau you can find murals called Lüftlmalerei, a craft, mainly at home in Bavaria, that can be traced back to the Italian and south German art of baroque facade painting.

The region of Fischbachau is characterised by culture and tradition. There is a deep love of genuine Bavarian brass and folk music here in the Leitzach valley. You will be enchanted by the many fairs and promenade concerts displaying the original style of Bavarian music and the bright colourful traditional costumes.
On Ascension Day many of the local costume groups from the south of Upper Bavaria gather for the traditional pilgrimage to Birkenstein to take part in this ceremony. On Corpus Christi day , a richly decorated procession winds through the village, where the elements of the Eucharist (the consecrated bread and wine in the tabernacle) are carried in a shrine. The local costume group, the brass band and particularly all the believers wearing local costumes give this holy day a dignified atmosphere.
The Leonhardifahrt which is one of the oldest Christian customs in Bavaria, also takes place in our community. Perfectly groomed horses are at the focus of this autumnal pilgrimage. The horse-drawn carriages are beautifully decorated, as too are the men and women, who take part in this procession, wearing their traditional costumes.

Leisure activities

You can enjoy a relaxing or invigorating holiday at one of the most beautiful areas of Upper Bavaria. We have a large variety of leisure activities available, including our most popular ‘summer active’ program for children, families and adults, which is fun for the young and the young at heart. With over 500 attractions and events including adventure tours, pleasure tours, sports, wellness and nature, tradition and custom, to name but a few, you can be sure to find just the right thing to energize or relax you.

We invite you to be a mountaineer or hike any of the 140 kilometers of well marked footpaths. Whether you enjoy sensational views, romantic spots, relaxed walks in the valley, a challenging mountaineering tour, or a themed walk, you will find a suitable tour for your taste or fitness level right here, from spring to autumn.

Cyclists and mountain bikers are also catered for in all respects. They can ride comfortably on cycling trails through meadows and forests, discovering breathtaking nature, or take a break at idyllic places, enjoying a refreshing drink or meal at quaint huts or restaurants.

Those who prefer to cool off by swimming may do so in the generously sized outdoor swimming-pool in Fischbachau, surrounded by the stunning view of the mountains. The pool caters for swimmers and non-swimmers, with a 62m (~200 feet) long waterslide, children’s paddling pool, playground and a comfortable cafeteria which caters to children and adults. In addition a tennis court and a miniature golf course are at your disposal.

In winter, the Leitzach valley with its mountains, hills and forests is completely transformed into stunning scenery. Under a blue sky and surrounded by sparkling snow, you can relax and enjoy the clear and clean winter air. For the devotees of alpine downhill skiing, the winter resorts Spitzingsee, Sudelfeld and Mount Wendelstein are easily accessible. But if you prefer to stay closer to your accommodation with your skis, there is a drag ski lift in Elbach. For the cross-country skiers, there are 44 km of prepared cross-country ski tracks in a picture book scenery enchanted by the winter. Also tobogganing, Bavarian curling and winter walking tours or rides in a horse-drawn sleigh through the romantic and snow covered countryside let the hearts leap for joy.